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Autosurf traffic exchanges are great tools to generate unlimited free traffic to your sites. Unfortunately, they have some drawbacks that don’t allow to fully reveal their potential. Hittex solves these problems and lets you to get the most out of using all the major autosurfs.

Simply put, Hittex a specialized browser that automatically logs into your accounts on all the popular traffic exchanges, loads their surfing pages into separate tabs as they are, and then monitors the autosurfing process, preventing it from being interrupted by frame-braker pages.

After installation, simply enter your usernames and passwords on all traffic exchanges, and Hittex will do the rest
Autosurf on 12 traffic exchanges in the built-in browser and earn tons of traffic on all of them at the same time.
You can configure Hittex to automatically launch when the computer starts, so you will never forget to earn free traffic.
Hittex detects when a frame- braker page tries to interrupt autosurfing and automatically restarts the session.
Monitor your surfing statistics in real-time to see how many traffic you earned and what is your balance on each site.
Hittex works as a specialized browser, showing autosurf links as they are, so you fully comply with sites’ rules.

Major autosurfs

Hittex supports all the most popular browser- based autosurf traffic exchanges. Earn free traffic on 12 sites at the same time and drive 30,000-75,000 visitors to your sites daily!


Easy to use

An exceptionally simple interface makes working with Hittex easy and fun. You just need to provide your usernames and passwords on the selected traffic exchanges and allow Hittex to autorun. After that, you will earn free traffic all the time when your computer is turned on.

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Get a free Hittex upgrade with our easy-to-use affiliate program. Just refer two users who will purchase a paid upgrade and get Hittex PRO version free of charge.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, we invite you to earn up to 20% of all sales of this unique program that any site owner and Internet marketer deserves.


Up to 2.5 million free visitors per month!

You are just one click away from starting to use the most powerful application that allows you to maximize your traffic on all 12 major autosurf traffic exchanges.

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher. 2GHz Intel or AMD processor.
2GB RAM. 100MB hard disk space. Fast Internet connection.