Guide: How Article Marketing Helps to Drive Traffic to Affiliate Offers

Guest post by Sophia Farnese Last updated: October 13, 2018

Article marketing is a free method for driving traffic to you website. The principles of article marketing are simple, but there are a few tricks you can use to make it more effect. Find out more about article marketing here.


What is article marketing?


Article marketing involves writing a short article, usually 500-700 words, about a topic related to your website or affiliate product. There are numerous websites out there, called article directories, that will publish your article on their site. This allows your work to appear on a high domain authority, high traffic site. In return for your article, you are allowed to provide a resource box, and leave one or two links. The resource box serves two purposes. The main purpose is to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offers from the article directories. The second purpose is to provide a minor boost in rankings from the backlink.


Your article receives the benefit of some page-rank pass-through from a high ranking authority site, such as, which helps you capture organic search traffic. In addition, other websites looking for content will publish articles from article directories along with your resource box and accompanying links. This allows you to capture even more traffic.


Submitting to article directories


The most important article directory, by far, is However, there are some other sites that are worth submitting to. You can find listings of hundreds of article directories. Some people provide article submission services to all of these directories for a fee. There are also programs that automate posting of articles. I will talk more about these services later.


Be sure you read the author guidelines for article directories. Some directories do not allow you to post duplicate content (if you submitted the same article elsewhere). Other have strict rules about what kind of links you can include in the main text and in your resource box. The higher quality sites, such as, have manual editorial review for all articles before they are published online.


Is it worth submitting to hundreds of article directories?


If you submit to a hundred directories, you could gain a hundred backlinks and lots of free traffic, right? Well, it’s not that simple. First of all, if you submit the same article to each directory, there is a penalty in the search engine algorithms for duplicate content. Furthermore, very few of your articles may actually get indexed and recognized by the search engines. That’s why most article submission services or robots are not helpful.


To take full advantage of article submissions, you should make changes to your article each time you submit to a different directory. There are many low-quality “spinning” programs that do simple thesaurus replacements, but this can generate gibberish. So I would recommend to spend more time, but rewrite your article manually and post to the most important directories first. Once articles are posted, you also want to obtain the URL of the article. This allows you to make sure the URL is indexed using simple techniques like blog and ping or social bookmarking. I will cover such techniques in another post.


Writing content for article marketing


You should pick your target keywords before you begin writing your article. You can look at my post on picking keywords for a refresher. You want to include your keywords in the article title and subtitles. Your keyword should be naturally spread throughout your article. Most SEO experts recommend a keyword density of 2-5%.


Your article only needs to be 500-700 words. Pick one main point for each article. In the introduction, state your main point. In the body, describe the main point in more detail. In the last paragraph, summarize your main point again. That is all there is to it.


Picking links for your article


In your resource box, you can write a blurb about yourself. However, for maximum effectiveness, don’t write something boring, but write a call to action or something curious. Make the reader click on the links in your resource box.


If you are just starting out, you can place links to your main landing page in the resource box. However, if you are pursuing a long-term strategy of website development, there are a few tricks to consider. Consider some deep-indexing, that is linking to subpages of your main domain. Also, instead of using the same anchor text for all your articles, vary the text description around your link. This makes your backlinks seem more natural, which search engines like.


Article marketing: free but time consuming


Although article marketing is free, remember that time costs money. You will still have to work hard to succeed. You might consider outsourcing your article writing. Quality content can be difficult to find, or expensive, though. Writing your own articles about a topic of interest is a great way to get a start with affiliate marketing online.