Get 30+ guaranteed sign-ups per site each month

Most people believe that autosurf traffic exchanges deliver junk, fake traffic because it is automated. You will find a lot of articles on Google, which argue this. The problem with these articles is that all of them are written either by people who never used autosurf exchanges and speak theoretically, or by those who used them in a completely wrong manner.
So, do autosurf traffic exchanges generate worse traffic than manual exchanges or safelist mailers?
No, in fact they often over-perform other free traffic generation sites in terms of conversion.
Do they deliver real leads, sign-up and sales? They do, proven.
Do they fit any website? Unfortunately, not.
Below I will tell how we get over 200 sign-ups on our sites per month with them, and how you can do the same.

Manual is not equal to engaged

First of all let me explain why manual traffic exchanges often deliver less quality traffic than autosurf ones.
On manual traffic exchange people are forced to sit in front of a display, wait 5-15 seconds after opening your site, and then click on the anti-bot control to confirm that they have viewed the site. But who said they really viewed it?
  1. A typical surfer opens 5, 10 or even 15 traffic exchanges at the same time. There are specialized browsers that speed up the process. After clicking on the anti-bot control on your page, a surfer instantly switches to the tab of another site, clicks there and moves further. So he stays on your website less than a second.
  2. The entire attention of the surfer is focused on the anti-bot control images in the traffic exchange toolbar, instead of your site. He needs to find the right images and click on it, and your website only distracts him.
  3. Clicking the anti-bot control images every second is an exhausting, stupid job. After a couple of hours, surfer's eyes burst, brains become like jelly. He doesn’t care what you offer on your website. The only thing he’s interested in is to earn more traffic credits and then go to sleep.
Well, do you still think that manual exchangers can give you tons of conversions?

Automatic does not mean non-human

It’s obvious that people who use autosurf traffic exchanges do not sit in front of their monitors. Usually they launch several autosurfs on “retired” computers that they don’t use anymore and then do something else while the sites automatically rotate member pages. But this does not mean that no one sees these advertised pages.
From time to time, users check how much traffic credits they have earned and how they are spent. Sometimes they notice and get interested with a new site that has appeared in the rotation. And since they don’t have to click on anti-bot images every second, they can afford to take a closer look at your site and even register on it while the computer automatically earns them credits.
Of course, you have to rotate your site hundreds of times before someone notices it. So what? Each traffic exchange automatically earns you thousands of traffic credits per day, so your site will be really seen by hundreds of people a day.
Then why do so many people complain that autosurf traffic exchanges do not produce real results? Just because they misuse them.

Show the cat a mouse, not millet

Most complaints about autosurf exchanges come from people who are trying to sell wrong products and services with them, such as dental insurance, golf clubs, skin-care cosmetics, expensive gadgets, musical notes, adventure travel, etc.
First of all, you should know the audience of autosurf traffic exchanges. They are website admins, small business owners, beginner affiliate marketers, people trying to earn money from home, Internet marketers who need huge amounts of traffic, etc.
They are interested in free or bargain offers of:
  • Website traffic;
  • Webmaster tools and resources, such as stock photos or list builders;
  • Software, tools, e-books and courses on email marketing, SEO, SMM, etc.;
  • Money-making opportunities;
  • Lucrative affiliate programs;
  • Payment processing, etc.
No one sells sport-bikes to people with disabilities or retirement plans to teenagers. Similarly, it is hard to expect that the above audience will be impressed with fishing gear or teddy bear offers.
Therefore, if your site is not in the relevant niche, then the only thing autosurf exchanges can give you is the boost of your website stats.

Don’t talk, shoot right away

Another common problem with getting sound results with autosurf traffic exchanges is a poorly prepared site.
Most people simply advertise their homepage, product page or blog feed. This is a huge mistake. Let me explain why this approach is completely wrong and how you can change it to maximize conversions.
1. You have very little time to grab the attention of the surfer. After a few seconds, your site will be automatically replaced by another one. Therefore, don’t advertise your homepage or product catalogue with a lot of content. Instead create a light-weighted landing page that catches the eye and instantly conveys your offer. No videos, heavy graphics, flash animation and so on – your entire page must load in less than a second.
2. The majority of users run autosurf exchanges on “retired” computers and notebooks with 17 “, 15” and even 13” diagonal. On the other side, the top of their screen is occupied by the autosurf toolbar. It means that only the upper 400-500px of your site is visible in the browser window. That is why you should place all the important information at the very top of your page.
3. Remember that you are advertising your site to people who generate free autosurf traffic to their web pages. This will give you some idea of the amount of disposable cash in their bank account. Therefore, your offer should contain a nice free bonus or at least a decent discount, a kind of what’s called “lead magnet”.
4. Forget about both instant sales and general engagement. Your landing should be 100% focused on free sign-ups, helping you to capture leads and build your email list. Place a very simple registration form at the top of your page – only name and email fields, nothing more. Get users of autosurfs on your email list and later you will be able to hard promote your offers to them.

Let's look in the ledger

We promote a few of our sites with autosurf traffic exchanges for a long time, using 9-10 top ones for each. The results vary depending on the vertical, offer, season, etc., but on average we get over 30 sign-ups per site every month. Since all our websites promote each other, this almost doubles the numbers.
Thus, we get over 200 new users monthly to our sites, which we advertise with autosurf exchanges.
Not much? Right you are. But it only takes a few minutes a month and costs nothing.
How much I would pay to get the same 200+ sign-ups using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? A few hundred dollars. How much time would it take to get them with manual traffic exchanges or safelist mailers? Many dozens of hours of stupid, exhausting clicking. While using HitTex PRO to generate autosurf traffic, we don’t spend money and time at all.
Now let’s count. Since most of the users feel okay with free versions of our products and services, an average sign-up earns us only $1.75. Therefore 200+ sign-ups give us a bit more than $350 per month.
This is over $4,000 annually, which we can invest in new projects, put into our bank account or spend it on a one month vacation in Belize.
Can this be applied to your websites or affiliate programs you promote? If so, then will a few extra hundred dollars a month make growing your business a bit easier? I believe so.

What's the catch?

You may ask, if autosurf traffic exchanges give such great results, why don't all site owners and online marketers use them daily?
It's simple. Although the idea of autosurf traffic exchange is very promising, technically most of them work very poorly. Autosurfing can stop for a lot of reasons. It can be terminated by a frame-breaker page, or because of a JavaScript error, or you can be suddenly logged out, etc. If you launch 10 autosurf exchanges in your browser and get back in a couple of hours, then you will find that 6-7 of them have already stopped surfing.
As a result, you need to check almost every hour whether your autosurf exchanges are still working. Then log in and restart surfing on those, which stopped. This is too much trouble, given the quite small income they generate to you. Profit does not justify your efforts.
This is the main reason why most people cannot utilize the power of autosurf exchanges, leave the sites and then post negative reviews

The solution is somewhere near

This is what HitTex traffic generator does. It solves technical problems of all the top autosurf exchanges and lets you to get the most out them.
It automatically connects to all your accounts at once, loads surfing pages, and then monitors the autosurfing process, preventing it from being interrupted. If anything stops autosurfing, HitTex automatically restarts the session and continues to surf. So you can go on vacation while it works around the clock, day after day.
Using HitTex, you can get 75K-150K page-views monthly from each autosurf traffic exchange. Surfing on 12+ sites you'll get over ONE MILLION human visits every month. If you bought this quantity of autosurf traffic, it would cost you $200-500. It means that with HitTex you'll get traffic worth $10-15 every day! No other tool will give you that much converting traffic for free and with zero effort.

Download HitTex for free and start getting tons of traffic, leads and users today.