100 Best Travel Blogs for Guest Posting in 2019

By Mike Moor Last updated: October 04, 2018

Do you want to get more readers, subscribers and advertisers for your travel blog or more leads and sales for your travel related website? The best way to bring more quality traffic to your blog or site is to post inspiring guest articles to already established and popular travel blogs.
Here we compiled an up-to-date list of great travel blogs that accept guest posts, in which you share your experiences and advice. Becoming a guest author of these blogs will help you promote your travel-related blog or products, get more subscribers or clients, improve your search engine rankings and build social proof. 


The Lost Passport Accepts guest posts that cover Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands with emphasis on adventure travel, travel itineraries and other travel tips.
Indie Travel Podcast Features guest articles about local festivals and city guides.
Out of Town Blog Publishes guest travel guides and tips, travel photography, adventure sports, travel and tourism news, food and hotel reviews, backpacking tips and budget travel, etc.
Women on the Road Accepts destination stories written by guest bloggers through a female lens with practical advice for the smart and independent female reader. 
Roaming Renegades Invites guest posts about travel, adventure & lifestyle blog specialising in off the beaten path destinations, adventure sports and dark tourism
Honeymoons Guest contributors are welcome to share exciting destinations, travel stories and fresh tips and ideas.
AngelaTravels Guest writers can share their travel experience
OutsidePursuits Guest experts in outdoors activities are welcome to share their knowledge and passion kayaking, biking, scuba diving, hiking, camping, fishing and so on.
UK Travel Guide Contributors can suggest guest posts about destinations across the UK, regional foods, backpacking adventures, etc.
Travel Destined Guest writers can share their personal experience including trip details, travel guides or anything helpful for the nomads of the world.
One Week In Posts guest articles with authentic information on destinations and unique experiences, includes chic hotels, food and drinks, tours and activities in Madrid, Rome, Barcelona. Bangkok, Singapore
Pro Travel Blog Submit guest articles focuses on travel tips and travel advice.
Stop Having a Boring Life Offers a guest posting opportunity to publish your travel related posts that are well written, informative and awesome.
Wanderlust and Lipstick A group of women traveling the world and sharing their experiences interested in guest authors writing about tropical parts of the world, solo and business travel.
Pure Wander Features authentic travel stories and guest articles that concentrate on types of trips (urban, outdoors, beaches, culture, etc), personal narratives and travel tips.
A Travel Thing welcomes travel guest posts from across the world, including travel stories, solom budget and adventure travel, destination guides, travel tips and photo essays.
Urban Travel Blog Publishes guest articles by destination experts that give the first time visitor to the city a range of cool tips on how to spend a weekend in that destination.
Annie Andre - The Live in France Guide Contributing writers can suggest travel tips, destination guides and inspiration to personal advice and anecdotes on working, living and playing in France.
You Vs The Globe Looking for contributor content focused on independent-friendly travel destinations and locations, solo travel tips or advice!
Adventure Gran Canaria Guest writers are welcome to provide valuable insider information for active travelers, nature lovers, and history buffs.
As We Saw It Looking for original, first-hand, inspiring and informative travel guides, travel tips, itineraries, attractions and top 10 lists by travel bloggers.
The Travel Manuel Looking for stories by other guest bloggers of their travels and local tripss.
The Traveloid Talented travel writers wanted to write guest articles that will show the readers new, exciting places to visit, and showcase the hottest events around the world.
British Travel Blog Accepts posts about your own travel experiences of Britain, fun things to do in towns/cities, rants/raves about a particular place.
Travel Through Life Submit your guest article covering best things to do/see in particluar places and first person narratives about why you travel. 

Anew Traveller Accepts guest photo and video content, insider tips and useful information for how to travel to a destination, as well as stories that evoke a strong sense of place.
Global Grasshopper Welcomes quality guest articles and photographic posts from budding travel writers and photographers.
Trails Unblazed Accepts guest submissions of original content with focus on hiking, camping, adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations, wildlife, etc., with high quality photos and/or videos.
KTravula This blog welcomes guest submissions by travellers of all stripes across the world, but particularly across the African landscape
The Camping Trips Looking for features and articles, primarily about camping, survival, hunting, fishing, ooutdoor food and Outdoor in general.
Dave’s Travel Corner Looking for content from travel bloggers on variety of topics, including adventure & outdoor travel, backpacking, couples & romance travel, eco tourism, festivals, lifestyle & themed travel.
Wicked Good Travelers Publishes well written and entertaining travel tips, trip reports and guest articles by travel writers.
Get Tourism Info Accepts guest posts on travel and tourism, top destinations in the world, tips for traveling, tourism guidance.
Worldwide Travel Advice Looking for fresh travel content, especially highly visual articles.
Outchemy Features guest writers' tutorials, tips and tricks for traveling, best destinations for adventures, space travel all around the world, personal stories and experiences of traveling.
Camping Info Accepts guest stories and opinions from people involved in camping, who provide help others to find the best spots and avoid pitfalls
Total Travel Guide Submit guest posts on top holiday destinations, staying safe on holiday, gadgets to take on holiday, etc.
foXnoMad Open to posting interesting travel stories, especially tips, tricks and tech one can use to travel smarter.
Top Travel Africa Looking for guest posts about travelling in Africa, stories about unusual and memorable places, ddestinations you would or wouldn’t recommend to other travellers.
Top 100 Experiences Accepting submissions about things to see or do in Australia, places you've been or something you've done that you'd recommend to people travelling in Australia.
Frugal RV Travel Welcomes guest posts related to RVing, camping in general, great destinations, and especially money-saving information and travel tips for RVers and tent campers.
Belize Travel Blog Looking for travel tips, insider information, Belize vacation ideas, unique experiences or travel stories from talented guest authors.
Master Woodsman Welcomes guest topics including outdoors skills and personal trips or expeditions.
Vagabond Family Tavelling families are welcome to submit guest articles on pre-trip prepartions, family travel tips, traveling with kids and babies, budget travel, etc.
Double-Barrelled Travel Accepts travel sketches with Vivid impressions of a place or experience, in-depth travel articles that explore different people and places, as well as hotel reviews.
Great Escape Publishing Publishes guest articles on the craft and business of getting paid to travel, whether by writing, photography, tours or other means.
Travel2Next Looking for travel writers and visual storytellers scouring the globe for amazing travel experiences, ideas and opportunities. 
Pure Brandz Accepted subjects for guest posts are skiing, snowboarding and climbing tips, ski resort updates, adventure travel-related infographics and overseas travel guides for Australians.
WAVE Journey Prefers firsthand travel experiences, including recommendations for travel tips, destinations, tours, cruises, activities, restaurant and hotel reviews, etc.
Big Site City Looking for guest posts that give a good insight into a city; travel tips, where to eat, where to stay, what to do, what to avoid.
There are thousands more quality travel blogs that accept posts by guest writers. You can find them by using simple techniques described in our article “How to Easily Find Best Blogs for Guest Posting”.
Happy guest blogging!

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