5 Reasons to Hunt for User Reviews

By Mike Moor Last updated: October 14, 2018
Word of mouth marketing has always been the most effective and cheap advertising strategy. In recent years, reputation marketing has become a key factor in business success. Not only large corporations, but also most small business owners understand that having a lot of positive feedback from happy clients and users gives them a huge competitive advantage.  Consumers trust the opinions of your existing and former buyers much more than any of your marketing messages. In this post we will consider five reasons why user reviews are so much important for any website.

Reviews Help You Rank Higher in the Search Results

First of all, ratings and reviews are extremely important for improving your search engine rankings. A study conducted by Moz showed that reviews give at least 13% of the ranking weight Google uses to determine where your site will appear on certain keywords. This means that user reviews are among the top five most important SEO factors.

Positive Reviews Generate More Traffic

Positive feedback in Google search results may also encourage more people to visit your site. According to research, more than 50% of consumers open surveys that they meet in search results. And reviews published on other sites give you an additional source of visitors who are already informed and positive about your product or service.

Positive Reviews Lead To Higher Conversion

By posting verified reviews on your site, you help your potential customers to get reliable information about your products or services from third parties right in place, rather than leaving your site to look for this information elsewhere. This gives your visitors more reason to stay on your site, read your content and learn about your offers, which leads to much higher conversion.

Positive Reviews Make Selling Easier

Positive reviews help build trust with your potential customers. The more expensive and complex your product or service, the more people tend to be cautious. The more products similar to yours are present on the market, the harder it is for customers to choose. A lot of positive reviews make them more confident about their choice and significantly reduces your time for answers to their doubts.

Positive Reviews Reduce Negative Actions

Finally, the more positive reviews you have, the less likely you are to receive a negative feedback or even a refund request, even if your client is not satisfied. Most people tend to adhere to the dominant opinion and not go against the majority. If you have a lot of positive reviews, then the unsatisfied customer is likely to keep silent or even decide that it was his fault.
Building a good reputation for your business is a daily process, so make sure you encourage as many positive reviews as possible. Contact people who mention your product or service on their social pages, blogs or forums to thank them for choosing your company and encourage them to give a more detailed review. Each additional positive feedback on the Internet can bring you dozens of sales and loyal customers over many months. So, do not regret efforts to improve your online reputation.
Happy reviews hunting!


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