How to Easily Find Best Blogs for Guest Posting

By Mike Moor Last updated: October 09, 2018
Guest posting is one of the most powerful tools to drive targeted traffic to your site or blog, get quality backlinks and grow your business network. That’s why most successful bloggers guest post and why you should consider doing the same.
Most likely you have a lot of ideas what you could write for the audience of other blogs in your niche. But only few know how to quickly find a few dozen relevant blogs that accept guest posts. Why so many? Because not every blogger will respond to your pitch and you will have to send it to 20-30 bloggers to get 2-3 guest posts published.
In this post we will provide you with the most of lesser-known Google search keywords that will help you to easily find a lot of valuable guest posting opportunities in your niche.
As in everyday life, bloggers use different words to invite guest writers. Some of them ask to write for their blog or offer to become their contributor or author. Others directly ask to submit a guest post. But even such a clear invitation can be expressed in a lot of ways. You can be asked to “add”, “suggest”, “submit” or “contribute” a “post”, “article” or “content”.  
Start with these two groups of phrases, which directly call for guest posts or guest writers. Add your desired niche keyword in the search query, e.g. “teenager fashion submit guest post”.
write for us
contribute to our site
submit guest post
suggest guest post
add guest post
looking for guest posts
submit blog post
submit post
submit article
submit your content
guest posts wanted
accepting guest posts
looking for guest bloggers
looking for guest writers
guest bloggers wanted
become guest blogger
become guest writer
become contributor
become author
writers wanted
writers needed
guest post opportunities
The following two lists of keywords will help you find even more blogs accepting guest posts. But these ones will require more effort, since they can be used in articles devoted to guest posting, guest posting discussions or in another context. However, many of them allow you to find blogs that post guest articles, but do not explicitly declare that.
guest post by
post was written by
guest post courtesy of
guest post
guest article
guest column
guest blogger
guest author
guest writer
contributing writer
contributing author
The last will few phrases allow you to find A-class blogs that are professionally engaged in guest posting and have developed certain standards for guest content.
guest posting guidelines
contributor guidelines
author instructions
The above tips will help you easily find valuable blogs that are publishing guest posts. Chances are high, that some of the blogs you approach will be receptive to your pitch and will accept your guest post. 
Happy guest posting!


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