The Most Underestimated Source of Targeted Traffic

By Mike Moor Last updated: October 31, 2018

Every day hundreds of millions of people are looking for information on the Internet on all topics that one can imagine. However, many do not find ready-made information, so they ask their questions in forums or other discussion platforms. And the most popular question-and-answer site in the world is Quora.
When someone asks a question on Quora he starts a new thread visible for everyone. These threads continue to get views and new answers for a long time. They also are perfectly indexed by Google and usually appear on the top of SERP when someone searches the same question even several years later.
This means that giving quality answers to popular questions in your niche will send highly targeted traffic to the sites you mention in your answer for month and even years. Even when you stop active traffic generation on Quora it will continue to bring in visitors every single day. So, Quora can become one your most important traffic sources, comparable to Google, social media and paid ads.
Let’s see how you can implement your strategy on Quora to make your traffic grow exponentially:

First, go to Quora and create a free account. Choose topics that you are good at, complete your profile and bio. Then enter in the search bar a keyword related to your content, products or services - whatever you want to promote.
There will be a lot of threads discussing the topic. Choose one and give an in-depth answer to the question with a link to your site.. Consider this a sort of guest blogging. The more detailed your answer is and the more value it provides, the more people will vote for it, the higher it will appear in the list of answers and the more traffic you will receive from now on.
And now I’ll tell you a few tricks. 
You will immediately notice how many questions on Quora sound almost the same, so your answer would be fine for any of them. Bookmark these threads and then publish your answer in them on a daily basis, rewriting it in other words. Thus you will get links from multiple similar topics with little effort.
Choose questions with fewer answers. You will get more traffic from a less popular thread with three answers, one of which is yours than from a popular thread where your answer is in 150th place.
Search for Quora threads on Google using keywords that sound like “How I can…”, “What is the best…”, “Where do I find...”, etc..  The threads that appear on the first page of search results will send to your site not only Quora users, but also those who found this thread through Google search.
If you have the patience to do this in a couple of weeks, then soon you will find a significant increase of targeted traffic to your site, that will continue increasing from now on.
Happy Quora marketing!