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Building SEO Backlinks: Keys to a Successful Link Building Strategy

By Penelope Hibberd Last updated: November 12, 2018

Link building is an important part of any SEO strategy, whether it be the beginning optimization process or as part of your ongoing efforts. Sometimes I am asked “when do I have enough links?” The simple answer to knowing when you have enough links is “you don’t.” You can never have too many links, and you should never stop concentrating on a continued link building strategy. Keep in mind that link building should always be combined with a good technical optimization, on page SEO and off page marketing strategies to achieve not only higher, but lasting rankings. A higher ranking in the SERPs is not much use if you can’t keep it there.
Think of your link building and marketing efforts as a race track that never ends. You have to keep an eye on your competitors and what they are doing in an attempt to stay ahead of the game. You should also keep in mind that your customer’s needs and habits may change over time. You have to be ready to evolve with the changing marketing to meet those needs.

Best 10 Autosurf Traffic Exchanges – Top Traffic Generators

By Mike Moor Last updated: November 05, 2018

Traffic exchanges are membership based sites that are using a straightforward traffic-generation approach, in which members view each other's sites. By surfing sites of other members, a user earns credits that can be used to promote his own links. 
Autosurf traffic exchanges take this concept to the next level allowing to trade pageviews on auto-pilot without any manual effort on the user's side. They automatically rotate advertised websites in one's web browser, thereby bringing large amount of traffic to the promoted websites.
If you want to send a lot of real human visits to your websites or affiliate links, then the top autosurf traffic exchanges listed below are the best tools to start your journey.

The Most Underestimated Source of Targeted Traffic

By Mike Moor Last updated: October 31, 2018

Every day hundreds of millions of people are looking for information on the Internet on all topics that one can imagine. However, many do not find ready-made information, so they ask their questions in forums or other discussion platforms. And the most popular question-and-answer site in the world is Quora.
When someone asks a question on Quora he starts a new thread visible for everyone. These threads continue to get views and new answers for a long time. They also are perfectly indexed by Google and usually appear on the top of SERP when someone searches the same question even several years later.
This means that giving quality answers to popular questions in your niche will send highly targeted traffic to the sites you mention in your answer for month and even years. Even when you stop active traffic generation on Quora it will continue to bring in visitors every single day. So, Quora can become one your most important traffic sources, comparable to Google, social media and paid ads.
Let’s see how you can implement your strategy on Quora to make your traffic grow exponentially:

How to Easily Find Best Blogs for Guest Posting

By Mike Moor Last updated: October 09, 2018
Guest posting is one of the most powerful tools to drive targeted traffic to your site or blog, get quality backlinks and grow your business network. That’s why most successful bloggers guest post and why you should consider doing the same.
Most likely you have a lot of ideas what you could write for the audience of other blogs in your niche. But only few know how to quickly find a few dozen relevant blogs that accept guest posts. Why so many? Because not every blogger will respond to your pitch and you will have to send it to 20-30 bloggers to get 2-3 guest posts published.
In this post we will provide you with the most of lesser-known Google search keywords that will help you to easily find a lot of valuable guest posting opportunities in your niche.

5 Reasons to Hunt for User Reviews

By Mike Moor Last updated: October 14, 2018
Word of mouth marketing has always been the most effective and cheap advertising strategy. In recent years, reputation marketing has become a key factor in business success. Not only large corporations, but also most small business owners understand that having a lot of positive feedback from happy clients and users gives them a huge competitive advantage.  Consumers trust the opinions of your existing and former buyers much more than any of your marketing messages. In this post we will consider five reasons why user reviews are so much important for any website.

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